Here’s a list of the 6 most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our refrigerators. For additional information, browse Electrolux refrigerators available in Thailand.

  • Why does not the refrigerator dispense water?
    The refrigerator not dispensing water might be because the water valve is closed or the filter of the water purifier is clogged. (The water filter should be replaced every 3 months.)
  • Why does the warning signal sound all the time?
    The refrigerator gives out a warning signal when the set temperature is not reached which might result from the doors being left open or not closed properly. The humidity from outside causes the internal temperature to rise.
  • The ice maker does not make ice or it does not make enough ice. Why?
    It can be caused by several reasons as follows:
    1) The water valve is not open or not fully open.
    2) The freezer temperature is set at too high, hence, the freezer is not cold enough to make ice.
    3) The water inlet does not supply water to the ice maker or the water supply to the ice maker is slower than usual resulting in not enough water to make ice
  • Ice smells and tastes unusual. What is the cause?
    Ice smells and tastes unusual. There can be 3 reasons for this as follows:
    1) The ice absorbs smell and taste of the food in the refrigerator that is not wrapped or not wrapped properly.
    2) Check whether the filter of the water purifier is expired or not.
    3) The ice has not been taken for too long.
  • For refrigerator installation, how much side space should be left?
    The refrigerator should be placed at least 10 cm away from the side and back walls for better heat dissipation.
  • Recommendations for refrigerator cleaning
    For good hygiene, the refrigerator should be cleaned every 6 months by taking all food out and wiping with a soft cloth and soap water. The refrigerator should be unplugged before cleaning.


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