Make sustainable eating the preferred choice.

Our eating habits go beyond just what’s on our plate. Each year, we throw away 1/3 of all global food production, with households being the largest contributor to this total wastage. Leading the shift towards sustainable eating, this campaign aims to instil a more conscious plate and a mindful attitude towards food — from the moment food is produced, until it’s served on our tables. From there, we must revaluate our relationship with food, and acknowledge our responsibility to make wiser choices as consumers. When we appreciate where our meals come from, we start to see food as an indispensable resource — changing the way we handle our ingredients in the kitchen, by learning how to cook, eat, and store them more efficiently.

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Steamify delivers ultimate taste results

Steamify delivers ultimate taste results.

Discover the secret to tender, succulent sous vide steaks at home. Unique sensors ensure the perfect combination of steam and heat to elevate taste and texture to professional cooking levels. Steam technology helps to maintain the precise temperature control that is crucial for successful sous vide cooking. Oven sous vide by cooking in a vacuum-sealed bag using a low temperature infuses and intensifies flavours, while keeping textures succulent and tender.
TasteSealFlex ideal storage with 5 temperatures

TasteSealFlex ideal storage with 5 temperatures.

The TasteSealFlex convertible compartment easily adapts to the temperature you need, giving you the freedom to store everything from fresh vegetables, to tender meat and fish, or cold drinks and ice-cream. You can always find the right space to keep your food fresh and full of flavour by choosing one of the five temperature settings from -23°C to 7°C. You can even keep meat and fish fresh and tender for up to 7 days* by storing at -2°C, avoiding the need for inconvenient defrosting.

StepFlame settings deliver precise heat control

StepFlame settings deliver precise heat control.

StepFlame delivers precise control to three rings of flame with stepped settings that click into place as you change the heat intensity. The pre-defined settings guarantee the same flame and heat level every single time, giving you both control and flexibility. This is perfect for a variety of techniques and dishes from delicately melting chocolate in a bain-marie, to gently simmering sauces or stir-frying rice at high temperatures.
Taste revolution

We believe it's time for a taste revolution.

Over a hundred years in the making, our legacy of better living has transformed households across the world. As we improve your home life, we seek to inspire change — by combining Swedish efficiency with innovative solutions, we aim to shape a more sustainable world.

Responsible for 30% of global emissions, the food industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change from production to consumption. Aside from the industry's carbon footprint, consumer behavior impacts our global food security, as we waste around a third of global food production each year.

Taste revolution
The global food scandal

Curbing the global food scandal

It starts with you
By learning to value food, you can help curb the 4.4 gigatonnes of global food waste emissions each year.

Food we waste at home

How much food do we waste at home?

No leaving leftovers
Handling food responsibly minimises your household’s share of wastage; households account for 11% of annual food production.

Truth about fishing

The truth about fishing

What’s the catch?
Each year, fisheries lose 27% of catch to spoilage, which urges action from all — consumers and industries alike.

Food preservation

A guide to food preservation

Preserving taste
The science of food preservation makes food last longer and taste better. Learn all the basics here, and try them at home.

Sustainable eating habits

Sustainable eating habits

A better plate
Practicing sustainable eating is a simple way to give back to our planet. Help inspire change, one plate at a time.

Natural flavour enhancers

A guide to natural flavour enhancers

Nature’s pantry
Discover a new world of flavour while reducing your meals’ carbon footprint by using natural seasonings found at home.

Electrolux launched the Better Living Program
in 2019 as an 11-year action plan that aims to shape better and more sustainable living around the world. Its focus is an evolving list of 100 bold actions that we pledge to undertake by 2030. These actions represent our commitment to the four clear targets we have defined across the categories of Better Eating, Better Clothing Care, Better Home Environment, and Better Company.

To reduce our diets' climate impact, we must adopt a more conscious attitude towards food. Among our initiatives last year, around 9,400 people joined the Electrolux Food Foundation’s events centred on sustainable eating habits, and valuing our relationship with food.

As we approach the next decade, we plan to make sustainable eating the preferred choice, by making alternative cooking methods easier and developing more technology that can minimise food waste.
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Egg farm

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Making healthier and more mindful food choices —without compromising on flavour.

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