5 house cleaning tips that make your life easier

Most of us hate to clean, but everyone loves a clean and tidy house. But in this modern life, we don’t have a great deal of time for this chore.

In this article, we’ll share a list of some of the most effective house cleaning tips. Whether you clean your house regularly or you delay the task until special guests are coming, these hacks will help save you a ton of times on sweeping and scrubbing, while also helping you protect your wallet and your sanity in the long run.

5 house cleaning tips that make your life easier

1. Clear out every nook and cranny

You might think of cleaning as a huge task, but it’s all about the little things. That said, a deeper clean requires delving into the small, forgotten corners of your home.

With Electrolux’s Pure Q9-P bagless vacuum cleaner, you can easily reach all those hidden spots with minimal effort. With the innovative Grab & Go feature, you can simply take the vacuum from its magnetic charging station for a quick clean and then easily return it after use.

Also, when it comes to cleaning the surface, you don’t want to switch your tools every time you clean a new space. The Pure Q9-P’s easy access to the hand unit allows you to switch from cleaning the floor to taking on another hard-to-reach area so you can easily remove dust on the top of your wardrobe or get rid of pet hair on your couch.

2. Don’t forget about your floors

While it’s important to clear out tiny spaces, you might be neglecting something right under your nose -specifically, your floors. Arguably taking the brunt of wear and tear in your daily life, your flooring can easily discolor or lose its shine over time.

To prevent this, the Electrolux robot vacuum cleaner is specially designed to detect and navigate obstacles and is equipped with soft brushes that protect both your floor and your furniture. Its triangular trinity shape means it can more easily access tight spots, reach tricky corners, and clean right up to the edges.

  • 3D Vision System detects and navigates obstacles.
  • TrinityShape for better corner and wall cleaning.
  • Wifi control your vacuum from anywhere.
  • 3D Vision System detects and navigates obstacles.
  • TrinityShape for better corner and wall cleaning.
  • Wifi control your vacuum from anywhere.

3. Make laundry day easier

Laundry can be a massive task, made up of several smaller tasks: separating your laundry into whites, colored, and delicates, hanging the clothes, and putting them in the right place when they’re dry.

It is understandable that you get annoyed during the winter or rainy season, because your clothes are not dry due to the high humidity level. You can save a lot of time spent on hanging the clothes and waiting for them to dry by using the Electrolux heat pump dryer UltimateCare 800. With Electrolux dryers, now you won’t have to deal with the troubles brought by humid weather to your clothes, such as unpleasant odors, mold and mildew.

Our Heat pump technology puts less damaging heat stress on your fabrics by drying effectively at lower temperatures to keep them looking and feeling new for longer. Plus, DelicateCare system wool and silk cycles carefully control temperature and motion settings so that each cycle is tailored to the unique properties of these delicate fabrics.

4. Avoid piling dirty dishes in the sink

A sink that is full of dirty dishes can be frustrating, especially when you come home from work or school and you need your utensils to prepare a quick meal.

Your dishwashing chores will become a lot easier with the help of a dishwasher. Compared to washing by hand, a dishwasher not only cleans more thoroughly, it also uses less energy and water. The Electrolux 600 series freestanding dishwasher comes with the AirDry feature that finishes each cycle with a breath of fresh air, performing three times better than closed-door systems.

  • AirDry for 3x better drying performance*.
  • Eco Program is water and energy efficient.
  • Adjustable upper basket makes room for more.
  • AirDry for 3x better drying performance*.
  • Dedicated programs for specific cleaning needs.
  • Delay start of the program to suit your schedule.

5. Make it a habit

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a big, one-time event. Just 15 to 20 minutes every day should be enough for anyone just starting to improve their cleaning habits.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to clean, focus on the end result: Can you imagine how your house will look when you’re done? What will you achieve by cleaning? How will living in a clean house improve your life?

Also, cleaning can be a fun group activity. Try to involve your family members or housemates into the cleaning efforts. Working together can add some fun, and your house will be sparkling in no time.


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