60cm 600 Series freestanding dishwasher with 13 place settings 60cm 600 Series freestanding dishwasher with 13 place settings

60cm 600 Series freestanding dishwasher with 13 place settings

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  • AirDry for 3x better drying performance*.
  • Eco Program is water and energy efficient.
  • Adjustable upper basket makes room for more.
  • FlexiShelves keep your cups safe in the wash.
  • Dedicated programs for specific cleaning needs.

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3x better drying*

3x better drying*

AirDry technology finishes each cycle with a breath of fresh air, performing three-times better than closed-door systems. The door automatically opens 10 cms towards the end of the drying phase, without you lifting a finger. This allows air to circlulate inside, leaving plates and cutlery completely dry and spotless at the end of the cycle, whilst also saving energy.

*Compared with our closed system.

Switch to eco

Switch to eco

Suitable for cleaning normally soiled tableware, the Eco Program is the most efficient program for water and energy consumption.

Flexibility to add more

You never have to wash your tall kitchenware by hand again. The height of the upper basket can be easily adjusted, giving you the flexibility to fit larger, bulkier items of any height with greater convenience.

Safe space for delicates

Foldable FlexiShelves provide the perfect space for your delicate teacups and mugs. The shelves are slightly angled to prevent smaller items from slipping down to the upper rack.

Wash cycles for specific needs

Depending on the level of soil and grease on the dishes, you can select one of many preprogrammed cycles such as Eco 50°, Quick Plus 60°, and Intensive 70°. These dedicated wash cycles ensure perfect cleaning results, every time.


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