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Electrolux condenser dryer: Easy drying, time-saving & color preservation

Save drying time and keep colors vibrant with Electrolux condenser dryers, ranging from 7-9 kg capacity, working on a condensation system.

What is a condensation system?

Electrolux's condenser dryers turn moisture from fabrics into water droplets, collected in an easily removable container. This system allows for easy installation and use without the need for external venting.

Benefits of condenser tumble dryers

Opt for a condenser tumble dryer system to not only save on drying time but also ensure your clothes stay vibrant and undamaged.

  • Versatile installation options mean you can place it anywhere in your home, from laundry rooms to kitchens, without the need for external venting.
  • Achieves greater energy efficiency by recycling heat, unlike traditional vented dryers which expel heat, leading to energy loss.
  • Operates more quietly and with less vibration compared to other dryer types, making it a discreet addition to any home setting.

Electrolux condenser dryer's exclusive features

Packed with smart features, Electrolux condenser dryers offer:

  • UltimateCare: Reduces color fading by up to 80% compared to sun drying.
  • SensiCare system: Smart sensors adjust temperature and humidity levels, optimizing energy use and cycle times according to fabric type and load, preventing overdrying and wear.
  • Delicate drying program: Gently dries delicate fabrics at low temperatures, preserving their quality and Delicate Sports Program quickly dries sportswear without damaging elasticity.
  • Reverse tumbling: Prevents clothes from tangling and reduces wrinkles by alternating drum rotation, easing ironing.
  • Woolmark cycle: Efficiently and safely dries woolen garments without causing shrinkage or clumping.

Choose a quiet, energy-efficient condenser dryer for long-lasting care of your favourite clothes

Explore our diverse range of dryers, including heat pump dryers and vented dryer models, for effortless and efficient fabric care.

Read our dryer buying guide on what to know before purchasing a dryer to select the best option for your home.

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