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1. How to load your washing machine
Sometimes your life can get a little dirty! Good thing you have an Electrolux washing machine. To get the best results follow these tips in the video for loading your washing machine properly.
How to care for delicates
2. How to care for your delicates
Caring for delicate clothing and fabric doesn't have to be difficult. Instead of spending extra hours of your day hand-washing and drying fabrics like silk, lace or wool, consider the new Electrolux washing machine, inbuilt with UltraMix Technology, approved by Woolmark. With several gentle cycle programs, your delicates are in safe hands.
How to care for baby delicates
3. How to care for baby delicates and clothes for sensitive skin
It can be challenging to wash clothes for sensitive skin. You need deep clean stains while minimizing detergent residue. With an Electrolux washing machine, it's easy to do laundry for those with sensitive skin.
How to remove stains
4. How to remove common stains
Life can sometimes get a little messy! Don't worry, you can keep memories without keeping stains. Removing stains from your clothes couldn't be any simpler with an Electrolux washing machine. Sometimes we need to pre-treat stubborn stains as ink, blood, and oil paints.
How to add clothes
5. How to add clothes during a wash cycle
Oops! You forgot to add some clothes to the washing machine. Don't worry. Electrolux has a special Add Clothes feature that comes in handy if you're washing machine is already running. With your Electrolux washing machine, it's easy to add the clothes you've forgotten during a wash cycle.
How to reduce need for ironing
6. How to reduce the need for ironing
You've got a big family and lots of laundry to do. After washing and drying, ironing can be a real chore. Find out how you can save time by preventing your clothes from wrinkling and creasing in the washing machine. With your Electrolux washing machine it's easy to reduce the need for ironing. Less ironing also means longer lasting clothes.
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