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Welcome to the Electrolux washing machine product page. Here, we have the right washing machine and information to help you decide which product is right for your needs.

The washing machine is a very important device in our homes. It allows us to conveniently keep our clothes clean and save time. Additionally, the washing machine can streamline laundry processes, making it easier and more convenient. This includes top-load washing machines or innovative front-load washing machines that enhance the laundry experience.

Let's get to know each type of washing machine:

  • Front-load washing machine: This type of washing machine has a lid for placing clothes in front of the machine. It's suitable for washing large pieces of laundry.

  • Top-load washing machine: They are usually more economical than front-load washing machines, but they can sometimes damage fabric if overloaded.

  • Washer dryer: It combines a washing machine and dryer into one machine, thus saving space and the cost of purchasing a separate washing machine.

So, washing machines are very important and useful in our daily lives, especially front-load washing machines that are popular nowadays due to their convenient and efficient features. There are a variety of programs to choose from, catering to different types of clothing and fabrics.

Washing machine size and capacity

The most important thing to consider when buying a washing machine and washer is its capacity:

  • A 4kg to 6kg washing machine is suitable for a small family, approximately 1-2 people, or about 5 clothes per wash.

  • A 7 kg to 8kg washing machine is ideal for homes with 3-4 members, or about 7 clothes per wash.

  • A washing machine of 9 kg or more is suitable for families with a larger number of members, or about 8 clothes per wash.

Shop for the right Electrolux washing machine for your needs

Electrolux washing machines help you keep your clothes clean and well-preserved, offering features such as the Hygienic Care function to remove allergens and germs, and an Eco Inverter motor that operates at peak efficiency. Electrolux washing machines can save you money and simplify your clothes handling process.

If you'd like to also find out more about dryers that best suit your needs and sizes, you can visit our range of dryer machine products.

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