70cm UltimateTaste 300 built-in induction hob with 2 cooking zones 70cm UltimateTaste 300 built-in induction hob with 2 cooking zones

70cm UltimateTaste 300 built-in induction hob with 2 cooking zones

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  • PowerBoost provides quick, intense heat.
  • Induction is safe, fast, and energy efficient.
  • Pot detection lights up the controls for the zone.

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Safe. Fast. Efficient.

Safe. Fast. Efficient.

Induction technology only heats the area directly beneath the pan, while the surface area around it remains cool. This means that induction hobs are safer and easier to clean than traditional cooktops, as spillages don't burn on. Induction is also faster and more energy efficient, so you can create delicious dishes in less time with less energy.

Place pot, activate controls

Place pot, activate controls

Let the hob adapt your cooking style, not the other way around. Sensors automatically detect where you place pots on the cooking surface and illuminate the controls, making it easy for you to control each specific area.

Boost to get started

Boost to get started

Don't have the time to wait for the water to boil? Then give it a boost to get going. After selecting the level for your cooking, the Auto heat-up function boosts the heat before automatically reducing back to the original heat level you have selected so that you can get cooking faster.

No risk of outages

No risk of outages

In order to prevent electrical outages, the Power management function automatically redistributes the electrical load between cooking zones if it is close to exceeding the limit.

One touch to pause

One touch to pause

The pause function is handy if you're suddenly interrupted or must leave the kitchen momentarily. At the touch of a button all cooking zones will be reduced to the lowest heat setting to ensure dishes stay warm, but don't overcook.

Sear. Stir-fry. Boil.

The PowerBoost function gives you an intense heat boost when needed, before automatically dropping to the highest power level. Perfect for pan searing fish, stir-frying crunchy vegetables, or bringing water to the boil quickly.


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