80cm UltimateTaste 700 built-in gas hob with 2 cooking zones 80cm UltimateTaste 700 built-in gas hob with 2 cooking zones

80cm UltimateTaste 700 built-in gas hob with 2 cooking zones

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  • StepFlame settings deliver precise heat control.
  • FlameShield improves efficiency and results.
  • High power burner is ideal for stir-frying.

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A step in the right direction

A step in the right direction

StepFlame delivers precise control to three rings of flame with stepped settings that click into place as you change the heat intensity. The pre-defined settings guarantee the same flame and heat level every single time, giving you both control and flexibility. This is perfect for a variety of techniques and dishes from delicately melting chocolate in a bain-marie, to gently simmering sauces or stir-frying rice at high temperatures.

Extra efficient. Extra tasty.

Extra efficient. Extra tasty.

The FlameShield trivet reduces heat-loss to deliver more intense heat to the cooking process, for effortlessly perfecting dishes from soups to sauces to stir-fries. The curved trivet profile works like cradling a candle, cupping the flame and channeling the energy directly onto the bottom of the pan. By directing heat more efficiently, our FlameShield trivet cook tops cook faster and consume less energy than previous models*, helping you to achieve quick, tasty meals, whilst also lowering your energy bills over time.

* Lower gas consumption to bring 2L water to boiling point - comparison vs. previous model EGT9239CKB carried out in internal testing.

High power. Intense flavour.

High power. Intense flavour.

The high-power burner provides intense heat and a steady flame exactly when you need it most. This is perfect for stir-frying when a very high temperature is needed to lock in the texture and flavour of crunchy vegetables or fried rice.

Safety shut-off

Safety shut-off

The flame failure safety device automatically cuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out during cooking. This means you can use your appliance at the lowest power without worrying about the flame extinguishing and leaking gas.

Easy installation

Easy installation

The smaller lower box of this cook top combined with the extended glass overhang and flexible bracket makes installation into existing counter cut-outs easy without additional modifications.

Sturdy and stable

Sturdy and stable

Sturdy cast iron supports ensure that your pots and pans are stable while cooking.


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