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<span>How to bake the fluffiest cheesecake</span>
How to bake the fluffiest cheesecake

Surprise your family and loved ones by preparing the fluffiest cheesecake in few easy steps. Using Electrolux oven, follow these easy steps in achieving the best cheesecake.

<span>How to roast the juiciest chicken breast</span>
How to roast the juiciest chicken breast

Dazzle your loved ones with an easy roasted chicken recipe from Electrolux. Gather your ingredients and watch this video to follow the steps. Unlike grilling on a pan, Electrolux ovens emits less heat which means less smoke making it easier to control inner temperature resulting to healthiest and juiciest chicken. In just few minutes, a delicious and juicy roasted chicken meal is ready to serve for the entire family.

<span>How to make the best roast potatoes</span>
How to make the best roast potatoes

Are you looking for an easy snack recipe for your family or friends? Electrolux provides easy steps on how to make the best roast potatoes in just few steps. In just about 40 minutes cooking time, your perfectly roasted potatoes are ready to serve! 

<span>How to take care of my oven</span>
How to take care of my oven

Even the perfect cooking assistant needs a helping hand from time to time to stay clean and perform at its best. Electrolux provides some tips on how to take care of your oven. By following these tips, it gives you the ability to thoroughly clean keeping your oven looking shiny and new.


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