22V i9.2 bagless robot vacuum cleaner  22V i9.2 bagless robot vacuum cleaner 
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22V i9.2 bagless robot vacuum cleaner 

  • 3D Vision System detects and navigates obstacles.
  • TrinityShape for better corner and wall cleaning.
  • Wifi control your vacuum from anywhere.

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3D Vision

3D Vision

Laser and camera based vision system maps the room and scans te position of furniture and objects on the floor, to assign a tailored clean. There is no need to remove objects from floor before cleaning.

Unique trinity shape™

Unique trinity shape™

Access tight spots, reaches corners, cleans right up to edges.

Superior cleaning performance*

Superior cleaning performance*

Whips, picks-up and contains dust and dirt inside the vacuum with superior cleaning efficiency and results.

*Measured according to EN 60312-1:2017

Optimized charging capacity

Optimized charging capacity

Super-fast charging, 1.5 hours charging time.

Smartphone/Wifi control /App connected

Smartphone/Wifi control /App connected

With the help of advanced technology, the smart robot can easily go back to base and resume cleaning where it left off.


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