60cm built-in dishwasher with 13 place settings 60cm built-in dishwasher with 13 place settings 60cm built-in dishwasher with 13 place settings 60cm built-in dishwasher with 13 place settings

60cm built-in dishwasher with 13 place settings

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  • AirDry for 3x better drying performance*.
  • TimeManager gives you great wash in half the time
  • XtraDry function ensures the load is 100% dry.
  • Beam-on-Floor shows you when it’s time to unload.
  • AutoFlex adjusts the wash cycle to each load.
  • Eco Program is water and energy efficient.
  • Delay start of the program to suit your schedule.

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3x better drying*

3x better drying*

AirDry technology finishes each cycle with a breath of fresh air, performing three-times better than closed-door systems. The door automatically opens 10 cms towards the end of the drying phase, without you lifting a finger. This allows air to circlulate inside, leaving plates and cutlery completely dry and spotless at the end of the cycle, whilst also saving energy.

*Compared with our closed system.

Great results in half the time

Great results in half the time

TimeManager can reduce the duration of a selected program by approximately 50% when time is of the essence. This is achieved by increasing the pressure and temperature of the water to deliver great results in half the time.

Maximum drying performance

Maximum drying performance

Add the XtraDry function to the washing cycle for 100% drying performance. This option allows AirDry to work in combination with RinseAid, which reduces surface tension, allowing the water to run off and dry at an increased pace. Used together, XtraDry and AirDry with RinseAid help your dishwasher reach maximum drying performance.

Status check from a distance

Status check from a distance

Beam-on-Floor projects the status of your wash program so that you can easily see when it's time to unload. A red spot means that the program is still running, while a green spot means that it is completed.

Save time, energy, and water

Save time, energy, and water

The AutoFlex program adjust wash settings by using sensors to deliver a tailored cycle for the load according to soil level. This save times, energy, and water.

Switch to eco

Switch to eco

Suitable for cleaning normally soiled tableware, the Eco Program is the most efficient program for water and energy consumption.


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