60cm Free-Standing ComfortLift®  Dishwasher
60cm Free-Standing ComfortLift®  Dishwasher

60cm Free-Standing ComfortLift®  Dishwasher

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  • Unique ComfortLIft® lifts the lower rack to make loading and unloading heavy items easier.
  • Large removable cutlery tray makes loading and unloading utensils less of a chore.
  • SoftGrips, SoftSpikes, and glassware program gently clean and safeguard delicate glasses.

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Raising the bar

ComfortLIft is the first of its kind, making it easier to load and unload your dishes than ever before. The unique hinge mechanism allows you to gently lift the lower rack, meaning you no longer have to bend down low to load and unload heavy plates, platters, pots, and pans.

Easy loading and unloading

The spacious cutlery tray can be removed and taken to your kitchen countertop to make loading and unloading of utensils virtually effortless. With space for up to thirteen settings, as well as bulky utensils like spatulas and whisks, this cutlery tray makes the after-dinner clean-up that little less tiresome.

The glass-care specialist

SoftGrips and SoftSpikes gently support your delicate glasses, safeguarding them from damage, while the dedicated glassware program delivers perfect results so you no longer have to hand wash for peace of mind. The SoftGrips gently secure each individual glass stem, while the rubber soft spikes cushion glassware from vibration during the washing process.

Naturally AirDry® to remove residue

The AirDry® function automatically opens the dishwasher door 10cm during the final stages of the program to dry your dishes in a more natural and energy efficient way. By using natural air flow, AirDry® eliminates water residue at the end of the program, ensuring your dishes are completely dry and spotless, at a lower energy cost.

Maximum coverage, maximum cleaning

The Satellite Spray Arm ensures that every item in your dishwasher is thoroughly cleaned with multiple jets of water. The double rotation movement delivers oustanding cleaning results by continuously changing the angle of the water jets to ensure maximum coverage.

Memorises your favourite program

My Favourite Program conveniently memorises your favourite cycle so you can select it with just one button.


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