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How to get best induction hob
table top
How to use table top induction

Electrolux Thailand provides an easy guide to use table top induction cooker. Induction cooking offers plenty of reasons to love about.

Here are some of its benefits:

  1. Induction cooker provides instant heat without waiting time
  2. Most energy efficient compared to gas and electric
  3. Saves a lot of time in cooking
  4. Power-off rapid cool down
stew chicken
How to stew chicken with Induction
Enhance your cooking skills and experience by checking our quick and easy steps to stew chicken with induction. Simply gather the ingredients you need and follow these easy step by step procedures.

Induction heats up your pan almost immediately so you can start cooking right away. It also transfers energy directly to cookware for maximum efficiency.
Melt chocolate
How to melt chocolate
Birthday parties will not be complete without the presence of a delicious cake. Frost your cake with a delicious and perfectly melted chocolate using Electrolux induction cooker hob.

Induction allows you to provide a consistent low cooking heat which is perfect for melting.Induction cooking transfers heat directly to your pan which provides 30% more efficiency.

Do you have induction cooker at home? Try this simple steps to melt chocolate perfectly and choose from our recommended flavor combinations. Enjoy Electrolux every day for great tasting food!
master work
How to master wok cooking with Induction
Learn how to master wok cooking using your Electrolux induction cooker. Watch this video to learn some tips about wok cooking. Try out our shrimp stir fry vegetable recipe cooked in a wok.

When using wok, simply place the ring over a cooking zone and rest the wok inside it. Induction heats up your cookware directly and with minimal heat loss making it quicker and more energy efficient than gas.
Chinese soup
How to make Chinese soup with Induction
Are you looking for quick and easy Chinese soup recipe? Try this amazing recipe on how to make a delicious Chinese soup using your induction hob. All you have to do is gather the ingredients, follow these steps and your soup is ready to serve for the entire family to enjoy.
How to get best induction
How to get best from Induction hob
Electrolux induction hob is loaded with amazing features and benefits which will make you love induction more. It is built in sleek and elegant design which blends to your kitchen seamlessly. Find out how to make the best of your induction hob by following these tips while cooking.

Enjoy Electrolux every day for great tasting food!
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