1300 watt Refine 500 garment steamer  1300 watt Refine 500 garment steamer 

1300 watt Refine 500 garment steamer 

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  • Three steam settings to care for all fabric types.
  • Two mini boards help steam problem areas.
  • AutoOff powers down the steamer if you forget.

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Tackle tricky spots

Tackle tricky spots

To tackle extra-deep creases and get perfect results in those tricky spots, this garment steamer comes with a mini ironing board and a specially designed collar-and-sleeve board. This provides the ultimate in space-saving convenience, meaning you no longer need to fuss with a full-sized ironing board.

Effortless refilling

Effortless refilling

With a capacity of over 2 litres, you continuously steam clothing without worrying about the inconvenience of refilling in the middle of a session. The easy-access water tank is also simple to remove and straightforward to refill when you're finished.

Professional garment care

The garment steamer comes with clothes brushes, racks and clips to assist you with the steaming process. Use the accessories to get results as pristine as those achieved by a quality dry cleaner.

Fast heating, quick results

The high wattage provides powerful performance for a quick and effortless steaming process. Expect expert results, even when treating the most delicate fabrics, like silk.


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